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  • General Search

    You may search the Orthodox Sacred Music Reference Library by one of three major categories of content:

    • By Composer
    • By Title or Liturgical Designation
    • By Liturgical Category (Genre)
  • Search by Keyword

    You can generate search results by typing in the title, a keyword from the title, the composer, the voicing, or the catalog number in the search bar.

    • Choose descriptive keywords and omit common words such as "a," "an," "the."
    • Keep your keyword simple, using as few terms as possible; you can filter the results later.
    • On the English side of the site you can search by English title or transliterated title.
  • Wildcard (Partial-word) Search

    Our search engine supports a partial-word search. Please type " * " (asterisk) after the last letter in your query in order to perform a wildcard search. For example:

    You type: Chesn*

    Results: The results will show the pieces by Chesnokov

    You type: Bogor*

    Results: The results will show pieces containing the word "Bogoroditse"

  • Variant Spellings

    The search engine accepts variant spellings of many composers' names. For example, if you type "Rakhmaninov" or "Rachmaninov," you will find all the results for "Rachmaninoff."

  • Search by Composer

    Use the Composer section of the website to find all works by a certain composer, as well as biographical information about him. In the composers gallery, you can clicking click on the composer's portrait to find his works.

  • Search by Title or Liturgical Designation

    Use the Title section of the website to find all works having a certain liturgical title. Search results may be obtained by using the initial words of the text (for example, "Otche nash" [Our Father]) or the liturgical designation (for example, "Molitva Gospodnia" [The Lord's Prayer].

  • Search by Liturgical Category

    Use the Title section of the website to find all works within a certain liturgical designation or category, for example, "Vsenoshchnoe bdenie" [All-Night Vigil], to find all works from the All-Night Vigil or "Bogoiavlenie" [Theophany], to find all works belonging to the feast of Theophany.

  • Search by Voicing

    Search for works having a particular voicing by entering the chorus type in the search box; i.e. Mixed, women, men, treble, unison. Typical choral voicings such as satb, ssaa, ttbb, can also be found in this manner.

  • Quick Search

    The "Quick Search" option in the left column can be used to find results by Liturgical Cycle (e.g., Vespers, Divine Liturgy, Wedding); Feast (e.g., Theophany, Pascha); or Chant (e.g., znamenny, Kievan, etc.)

  • Sorting and Filtering Results

    On each page of search results you can sort your results by Composer, Title, or Catalog number.

  • Having trouble finding something?

    If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for, please contact us by e-mail.