Orthodox Sacred Music Reference Library

Dear Friends,

The aim of this project is the preservation, revival, and development of the sacred heritage of Orthodox music. For many years we have been collecting the best examples of these sacred works around the world, many of which were lost, to make them available to all comers.

The project is non-profit, and all the works we have collected are available for download from the site absolutely free. Moreover, the Orthodox Sacred Music Reference Library is being constantly updated.

Here is how you can support the growth of Orthodox musical traditions and help make this spiritual heritage accessible to more people:

  • Share your favorite sacred music by re-posting these pieces on your social networks
  • Tell interested friends and colleagues about this project
  • Share information about this project on forums, Orthodox and choral music chat rooms
  • Publish a post about the project on your social network pages
  • Tell your fellow parishioners about the project
  • If you are the owner of a forum or other Orthodox or choral music site, place a banner on your site. Contact us at [email protected], and will provide a banner of the required size
  • Any another means available to you.

The musical heritage of Orthodoxy will grow and prosper all the more when these unique materials become available to everyone.