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Allemanov, Archpriest Dmitry


ALLEMANOV, Archpriest Dmitry Vasil’yevich (b. 22 October [3 November] 1867, Buzuluk, in today’s Orenburg district, d. 1928, Moscow) — completed the Orenburg Regional School, 1883-1885, served as precentor in the city of Iletskaya Zashchita; from 1888 lived in Moscow, where he studied composition with S. V. Smolensky, Yu. K. Arnold, and V. S. Orlov; from 1895-1899, served as director of the cathedral choir in Orel; from 1898-1901, served as precentor of the Vvedensky Church in the Novinsk Monastery in Moscow; in 1890 (1900, acc. to other sources) received a diploma of precentor of the second rank from the Imperial Court Chapel. In 1900 completed the Samara Theological Seminary, and was ordained to the priesthood; from 1901-1904 lived in Menzelinsk (Ufa district). From 1904 taught singing in the Moscow Theological Seminary, from 1910 taught history of church singing in the Moscow Synodal School. Author of several works in the field of the history and theory of church singing, as well as composer of 93 known sacred works and arrangements of church chants (publ. by P. Jurgenson), a complete Obikhod [Common Book of Hymns], and harmonizations (with A. Zveryov) of Byzantine church melodies. A.’s compositions and arrangements are characterized by simplicity of voice leading and choral texture, and feature simple chorale-style harmony. Despite A.’s prolific compositional output, only a few of his works have became widely used in the church repertoire: among them, the Heirmoi of the Kanon for the Nativity “Hristos razhdayetsia” [“Christ Is Born”], the Introductory Psalm at Vespers, and the Sticheron at the Lity for the Nativity “Likuiut angeli” [“The angels in heaven all rejoice”].

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No. 90 - Antifony na utreni 8-mi glasov

Antiphons at Matins in the 8 tones

S. Op. 90

PJu #25054

Not found.


No. 85 - Arkhangel'skii glas

With the voice of the Archangel

S. Op. 85

Magnification for the Annunciation

PJu #24846

Not found.



No. 67 - (No. 2) Avgustu edinonachal'stvuiushchu na zemli

When Augustus ruled alone upon the earth

S. Op. 67

Sticheron at "Lord I have cried" for the Nativity of Christ


PJu #21118 1897

First printed edition




No. 1 - Blagoslovi, dushe moia, Gospoda

Bless the Lord, O my soul

S. Op. 1

Introductory Psalm at Vigil


PJu #17741 n.d.

First printed edition



No. 72 - (No. 1) Blazhen muzh. Psalom 1

Blessed is the man. Psalm 1

S. Op. 72

PJu #21157

First printed edition

In vol.: Davida proroka i tsaria pesni. Seriia II. Not found.


No. 23 - Bogoroditse Devo, raduisia

Rejoice, O Virgin

S. Op. 23

PJu #19185

Not found.



No. 71 - (No. 6) Bogoroditse Devo, raduisia

Rejoice, O Virgin

S. Op. 71

Great Znamenny chant

Dismissal Troparion


PJu #21126 1897

First printed edition



No. 63 - (No. 4) Bozhe, vo imia Tvoe. Psalom 53

O God, in Thy name. Psalm 53

S. Op. 63

PJu #21110

First printed edition

In vol.: Davida proroka i tsaria pesni. Seriia I. Not found.


No. 57 - (No. 11) Dnes' blagodat' Sviatago Dukha nas sobra (V nedeliu Vaii)

Today the grace of the Holy Spirit hath gathered us together (On Palm Sunday)

S. Op. 57

PJu #20465

First printed edition

In vol.: 12 izbrannyh stikhir Postnoi Triodi, prednaznachennykh dlia peniia vmesto prichastnykh stikhov. Not found.



No. 66 - (No. 1) Dnes' izhe na pazumnykh prestolekh pochivaiai Bog

Today God, who resteth on the noetic thrones

S. Op. 66

Sticheron at "Lord, I have cried"


PJu #21116 1897

First printed edition

Defective original