Predstatel'stvo khristian nepostydnoe

Gardner, Ivan

Predstatel'stvo khristian nepostydnoe

Steadfast Protectress of Christians

Tone 6, Greek Chant

Kontakion to the Mother of God


Unpublished in composer's lifetime.

First published in vol.: I. A. Gardner, Sobranie dukhovnykh sochinenii, San Francisco: Russky Pastyr’; Moscow: Zhivonosnyi istochnik, 2008. Publication based on a reconstruction by I. G. Drobot from an audio recording in January 2008. Russiches Pontifikalamt. Schwann, Musica sacra, AMS 2580. Chor des Missions-Priestseminars der Spiritaner, Knechsteden bei Köln, Leitung: P Josef Wipper CSSP.


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    LBS 157 - Gardner

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