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Bogoslovsky, Sergei

BOGOSLOVSKY, Sergei Aleksandrovich (b. August 8, 1882, village Novaya Zalegoshch, Novosilsky district, Tula province; d. May 20, 1929, Moscow) - church choirmaster, singing teacher, composer of sacred choral works. Born into the family of a priest. Graduated from the Efremov Theological School; in 1897-1904. studied at the Tula Theological Seminary, after which he worked as a teacher. In 1906-1913. studied at the Faculty of History and Philology of Moscow University. Worked as teacher of singing, and assistant conductor in Anatoly Arkhangelsky's Choir in Moscow; after the Revolution, served as choirmaster of the Holy Trinity Church “na Griaziakh” (at the Pokrovsky Gates), in Moscow, a post occupied before him by Pavel Chesnokov. Was a member of the sacred composers’ section of the Dramosoyuz from December 1, 1924. Died on May 20, 1929 in Moscow.
Bogoslovsky is known to have authored about 30 sacred musical works, most of which were published in Moscow by  Jurgenson Publishers from 1914 to 1917; several of them became quite popular among church choirs. Later, Kireev's Publishing House in Petrograd released 6 additional titles of his works.

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No. 1. Troparʹ na moleben v Novyi god

Troparion for the New Year Prayer Service

O Creator of the universe

Vseia tvari Sodeteliu


PJu #37072

First printed edition.